Can we wear 5 face Rudraksha?- Secret of Ancient 5 Mukhi Rudraksha and Vidhi

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Secret of Ancient Five Faced Rudraksha
Secret of Ancient Five Faced Rudraksha

Friends, it has been told in ‘Shiva Mahapuran’ that five ‘Mukhi Rudraksha’ is considered as ‘Rudra’ form, it can be worn by beings of all zodiac signs and Janam Nakshatra, ‘Janam Lagna’, creatures of all types of zodiac signs, Five ‘Mukhi Rudraksh’ can be worn as ‘Rudra’ i.e. Lord Shiva. Proven by. Five faces of Lord Shiva are visible in this ‘Rudraksha’. On the basis of which water, land, air, fire and sky are compared.

Therefore, any person of any zodiac sign can wear this ‘Rudraksha’. This ‘Rudraksha’ gives importance in the life of a person with all zodiac signs.

This ‘Rudraksha’ contains the power of Lord Shiva and is most beneficial.

More and more people wear Five ‘Mukhi Rudraksha’.
Five ‘Mukhi Rudraksha’ is associated with the planet Jupiter. Which is considered to be the pride of happiness, prosperity and knowledge equality and success to all the people. If there is a failure in the birth chart, then that person should wear this five-faced ‘Rudraksha’.
A person who has the form of Manglikta in his zodiac sign, then he should definitely wear this five-faced ‘Rudraksha’.

Information related to kidney, eye, nose, throat and enlargement of liver, all these become diseases. To avoid all these diseases, one should wear five ‘Mukhi Rudraksha’. This ‘Rudraksha’ is considered to be the god of Jupiter. ‘Brahspati’ means the devotee of’ Gurudev’.

This does not cause any kind of difficulty in the life of the person. By wearing this ‘Rudraksha’ all the deities including Goddess Parvati are happy.

This ‘Rudraksha’ is said to be the main one for attaining knowledge. A person seeking knowledge must wear this ‘Rudraksha’. From this one obtains knowledge in the form of ‘vidya’.
Which type of disease does not allow five ‘Mukhi Rudraksha’. It has infinite potential to destroy disease. By wearing this one gets rid of all the diseases found in the body.

There is difficulty in personal life or even after getting married, they get separated from each other. Those people should wear this ‘Rudraksha’. Wearing it maintains happiness and peace in married life.

Those who do love marriage, if there is a problem in their marriage, then five ‘Mukhi Rudraksha’ must be worn.

If there is disturbance in the house, then wearing five ‘Mukhi Rudraksha’ gives good benefits.

Complete method of wearing ‘Panchmukhi Rudraksha’:
* Five ‘Rudraksha’ should be worn on Monday, ‘Brihaspat’i, or Saturday only, first of all, put ‘Gangajal’ in ‘Kashi Patra’ and keep five ‘Mukhi Rudraksha’ in it for five minutes and chant the mantra ‘Om Namah Sivaya’.
* After this, after burning incense, keep a five-faced ‘Rudraksh’ on the incense, due to which it feels good. After this, wear five ‘Mukhi Rudraksha’ by chanting the mantra ‘Om Namah Sivaya’.

By doing this all the difficulties of life end.

So friends, this was the important information about Five ‘Mukhi Rudraksha’, if you liked this post, then definitely tell us by commenting.

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