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How to increase blogs traffic
How to increase blogs traffic

Friends, today we talk about those bloggers who say that their blogs get less views. Some say that views are not coming on their blogs. So friends, we are going to discuss all those issues.

Friends, if your blog is built on a CMS like WordPress or you have got your website designed, then we are going to tell the solution for them. So stay with this post till the end where we are going to give you all the information in a nutshell.

First of all we will talk about robots file, check that there is no URL or search engine block in your robots files. We have also put a post with a demo about how robots files are made, you can check on the portal.

Now it comes to whether you have indexed your website in Google’s crawler or not. If it is, then it is of the opinion that the fire should crawl your blog website in search engines like Yahoo and Bing, by doing this your blog website will be visible on the rest of the search engines and you will see a speed in your traffic. If you run Google’s Adsense on your blog, then doing other crawls will not make any difference to your Adsense, because crawling the blog website means your website will be visible in those search engines as well.

Some bloggers are unaware of these things. If you have got your website crawled in other search engines then this will be a plus point for you.

If still there is a lack of traffic in your blog, then one thing you will need to know that it is very important to have professionalism in the world of blogs. The higher the number of your blogs and the older the blog website, the more views will come.

So I would recommend you to buy your blog domain and hosting for a long time.

Now it comes to the fact that, if you are a new blogger, then you will have to get 50000 views on your website once, on your blog website, even if you bring it from the social website itself. Because you will have to do the work of pushing your car yourself. If you have made your career in the blog itself, then you should make a page of your blog on social media and also post related to inspiration or related to your topic.

You should also create a back link for your blog, meaning you go to those websites where there is more traffic or by searching your posts which have been put in your blog on Google, write a little about your post in the comment section of the websites that come. Leave a link to the blog. In this way the back links of your website will give you traffic for a long time. There is a slight difference between sharing on social media and becoming a back link and that is that your post on social media disappears after a few days whereas back links will give you traffic for a long time.

Now it comes to tracing keywords, so for that you can get the top keywords of the topic from daily free keyword searching of the entire topic or for the best trending topic, you can enter Google Trend in Google’s search engine and on Google’s Google Trend Portal. Trying to make something similar by looking at trending blogs topics.

Write the title of your blog in a short and effective way. Long titles can run on the branding website only, in the new website only short titles are able to rank higher. And from that the search engines crawl your website’s permalink in an easy way. Your content should be unique and there should be no copy right of any content. The simpler the image you make for the images, the quicker you will rank.

To become a good blogger, it is necessary that while updating the content of other bloggers’ website, on time what is going on in the market. So friends, if you liked this post, then you can tell us by commenting and you can also put the back link of your website here in the comment box. We will approve your post in Next 24 Hours. If you want any more information, then you can tell us through comments. Thank you.

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