Holi Precautions – Holi Safety Tips

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Holi tips
Holi tips

Friends, the festival of Holi is near and today we are here for you people about how to make the festival of Holi special and how to make it special. Today we are going to talk about Holi on topics ranging from dessert to dish and from environment friendly to enjoying Holi.

Holi is celebrated in different ways in different places, and according to the culture, different types of dishes are prepared according to different places on Holi, such as if we talk about North India, then it is Kheer, Halwa, Puri. When vegetables like chickpeas, burfi, rasgulla etc. are made, then in South and Central India, kheer, halwa, dhokla, sambar, dhosa etc. are made.

And in the same way, the ways of celebrating the festival of Holi are also different everywhere. As soon as colors are applied on each other on the day of Holi in Punjab and Haryana, water is poured, sometimes people get very emotional and throw pulses on each other till cow dung, sometimes they get up and throw them in the mud. On the other hand, on the day of Holi in Vrindavan, Mathura, Gokul, if colors are applied to each other, then together they die from a rag made of cloth, then curd and corn are hung in a pot at many heights. And while doing one more party, that pot has to be burst.

To break that hanging pot, people lean on each other and try to take each other up to the pot.

Take behind all this, many changes have come in Holi today, on the day of Holi, many types of chemical made colors are available in the market and markets, which can put you in trouble in your Holi.

Side effects of chemicals made from color:

Today, many colors used in Holi are made from very toxic chemicals, using which can cause changes in your skin, you may get allergies and skin related diseases. If the chemical color gets into your eyes, then there may be a problem of eye sensitivity or you may have allergies. Sometimes the problem of reaching the eyesight can arise. The hold of some colors is so strong that even after washing them for a long time, they do not get cleaned well.

If we use some chemical colors, then their effect can be on our child or youth in such a way that if they go into the mouth in a child, then infection starts, problems like headache can arise. Say there may be a risk of vomiting. So friends, today we should try to avoid all of them. Celebrate Holi in such a way that it does not harm any person. Everyone’s physical capacity is different. Try to avoid chemical color in Holi.

Your one mistake should not cause any harm to another good person, your joke should not become a punishment for him. You can play Holi with dry color or water instead of chemical color, even if the paddy water is not clear or too cold, you can tear clothes jokingly, but take care of healthy and harmful things.

Try to avoid pornography:

Some people enjoy Holi with girlfriend or sister-in-law on the day of Holi. So keep in mind that while playing Holi, you should not touch their private parts, you should take care of their personal privacy. Think how would you feel if someone did all this to your sister and sister-in-law.

 While making Holi a means of obscenity, some people keep trying to choose the girl on the pretext of Holi with the eyes of lust. In such a situation, the girl should also be careful that if she feels such a comfortable feeling, then she should try to distance herself from such people. Holi is a very sacred festival and our culture and religious temporality are attached behind it, in such a situation, obscenity works to wire our culture. On such a holy festival, enjoy Holi with purity in your mind, and do everyone’s stuff, whether it is a girl or ironing. Do not hurt anyone’s inner feelings.

Instead of getting wrapped up in someone who is older than you, you can paint four moons in their honor by applying color to their feet, you can also take blessings from them on this holy festival, this is done in our culture. We should always do something that we can teach our coming generation to celebrate Holi well. May some give good justice for Holi. Let the holy festival like Holi reach a new dimension.

So friends, in this way we can celebrate the festival of Holi in a good way, if you have any question in your mind, then you can reach your point through comment. Thank you…

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