Arya Bhatt discovered zero, so how were the ten heads of Ravana calculated in Ramayana?

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Arya bhatt discover zero
who discovered zero number

Arya Bhatt discovered zero, so how were the ten heads of Ravana calculated in Ramayana?

How can Ravana have ten heads, while the void was discovered by Aryabhata?

Some people question Hinduism and “Ramayana” to show Mahabharata “Gita” as fictional, that when Aryabhata discovered (zero/zero) in about 6th century, about 5000 thousand years before Aryabhatta’s discovery in Ramayana. How were the 10 heads of Ravana counted !!!

And how the number of 100 Kauravas was counted in Mahabharata !!

Whereas at that time people did not even know (Zero) !!

So how did people count the count!!!!

Now I am answering this question!!

Please read it carefully!

Before Aryabhatta the world did not know 0 (zero) !!

Aryabhatta discovered (zero/zero) it is a truth!!

But Aryabhatta had discovered “0 (Zero)” in numbers, not in words, before that 0 (number) was called zero in words !!!

Even at that time, in Hindu religious texts like Shiva Purana, Skanda Purana etc., the sky has been called zero.

Here “zero” means infinity.

But in the period of Ramayana and Mahabharata, counting was not done in numbers but in words, and that too in Sanskrit.

At that time, in place of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, words were used, that too Sanskrit words were used.

like !

1 = first

2 = II

3 = third”

4 = IV

5 = fifth””

6 = Sixth”

7 = “seventh””

8 = “eighth””

9 = ninth””

10 = tenth !!

ten = ten

That is, ten has come in the tenth, but the number of digits

0 (zero/zero) did not come, Ravana is called Dashanan !!

Dashanan meaning ten + anan = ten-headed

Now look, the ten heads of Ravana have been counted.

But 0 (zero) of the digit did not come !!

Similarly, during the Mahabharata period, the number of hundred Kauravas was described as “100” in the Sanskrit word.

Shat is a Sanskrit word,

Which means hundred (100) in Hindi !!

Hundred (100)” is called Shat in Sanskrit !!

hundred = hundred

Thus the number of Kauravas in the Mahabharata period became one hundred in counting !!

But even in this count 00 (double zero) of the digit did not come, and the count was also completed !!!

The number of Kauravas has been told in the Mahabharata scripture.

In Roman also, instead of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 (¡)”(¡¡)””(¡¡¡)”” five is called V !!

Ten is called x!! In roman x is called ten. X = ten

The digit (zero/0) did not appear in this roman x !!

And we also took “Dash Padha”

and “Counting done!!

Thus “0 (zero)” does not appear in the Roman word.

And you can also read “in Roman” from “one to one hundred”.

You don’t even need to write 0 or 00!!

In earlier times, counting was written in words.

At that time there was no knowledge of numbers !!

Like in Gita, Ramayana, 1″2″3″4″5″6 or the rest of the lessons are read like this !!

Like (First Chapter, Second Chapter, Fifth Chapter, Tenth Chapter… etc.!!) their “”tenth chapter’ means

The tenth lesson (10 lesson) is “”. tenth chapter = tenth lesson

Ten words have come in this !! But in this ten digits 0 (zero)” was not used.

Without coming 0, the count of lessons has become ten !!

(Anti-Hindu and atheist people just by their wrong reasoning)

Want to prove Hindu religion and Hindu scriptures as fictional !!)

By which by filling hatred towards Hindu religion in the mind of Hindus and by proving Hindu religion as imaginary, Hindu society should be converted into other religions !!!

But today’s Hindu society considers these people’s lies to be true because of not accepting their religious education.

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