Israel Interesting facts : Why is Israel such a talented country, know why Israel is not like us

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Israel interesting Facts
Israel interesting Facts

Friends, you must have doubled the name of Israel, perhaps there will be someone who has not heard about this country. Israel is a very talented country. Israel is a small country located on the shores of the Room of the Sea, but it is a very talented country. This country was declared an independent state on 14 May 1948. Lebanon and Syria are in the north-east of this country, Jordan in the east and Aqaba in the south, and Egypt is in the south-west.

Friends, Israel is a Jewish country and the people of this country are so hardworking and honest that because of them today Israel is the most talented country in the world.

Friends, let us tell you that the Jews, being troubled by the atrocities that happened to them, thought of creating a country here and made their holy place Jerusalem the capital of their country. Today, people prefer to speak English more, but the people here made their ancient language Hebrew as their mother language, at that time only people who spoke Hebrew were left and Israel adopted the Hebrew language to bring the Hebrew language into existence. Made it the national language.

Friends, Israel has made such currency blind people in their country can also find out the currency by rubbing their hands on the currency.

Let us tell you that the world’s greatest scientist, Einstein was also born in Israel, once America offered Einstein to become the President, but Einstein had turned down that post because of his patriotism.

Friends, the people of Israel are very hardworking and few in number and for this reason, if a country attacks them, then they bring so many soldiers to face it, then keeping this in the paddy, Israel made a law, the country Every citizen whether it is a girl or a boy, it is necessary to do military training so that when the time comes, everyone can give a befitting reply to the enemy country. Whether he is the son or daughter of any minister or president, it is necessary to do military training.

Once it is said that 7 different countries attacked Israel together and Israel defeated all those countries together.

The borders of the country of Israel are less with anti-blastic missiles, if any missile comes into the borders of the country of Israel, then its anti-blastic system destroys those missiles in the air.

Friends, Israel’s intelligence agency Mussad will have its name, which is the world’s most dangerous intelligence agency.
The country of Israel is not like the rest of the country, but it is completely different from the rest of the country, once during a football match, terrorists killed all their football players, then at that time the president of it called on all the players’ house one by one. Did and said that we should avenge his death, whoever is associated with this murder, we were killed by leaving his house, no matter where he is hiding in any corner of the world and after saying so, he was the President gave this order to Musad that whoever it is who has killed our football players, wherever they are, they should be killed. As soon as Musad got the order, his agents spread all over the world and killed all the terrorists one by one. Some terrorists took Uganda, when Uganda did not consider Israel as terrorists, then Israel attacked their airports without thinking and shot down many of their airplanes and thus killed those terrorists too.

Friends, Israel has always had a special relationship with India, the President of Israel said about the country that India is the only country in the world where there has been no discrimination against Jews for many hundreds of years. The Jew is still breathing freely in that air.

Friends, Israel has even made a rule that if anyone is a Jew or is found anywhere in the world, then he will be officially considered a citizen of Israel.

Friends Israel, our neighboring country hates Pakistan a lot and we know from this that, it is always written on the passport of Pakistan that this passport will be valid in any country of the world except Israel.

So friends, a comment is made for such a talented country, if you know something about the country of Israel which is not in this post, then definitely tell us by commenting, they will definitely add it to this post, thank you

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