21 December: what happened today in history, Know the interesting facts of 21 december

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Today in history
what happen today in history

Hello friends, Today is  21 December. And now we are going to share some mysterious and historical movement which happened on this date.

SO lets start what happened on 21 December in history:

  • Dear friend, today was the day Marie and Pierre Curie discovered radium. Radium is a very bright element and is also a radioactive element, and later due to its radiations, Madame Curie also died. This led to the detection of alpha, beta and gamma radiation, which is found in nuclear bombs.
  • Friends must have heard the name of his Bruce McCandless, he died at the age of 80 years while operating an unethical free flight in space. He was the first person in the world to do so.
  • Friends, when someone goes viral in the world, what can be so much, on this day in 2012, PSY’s comedy music became so viral that it brought more than 2 billion views, if you say such a thing, then it was YouTube’s at that time. Failed the view counter which was the most viewed video pop song of all time.
  • Friends, space and its related inventions and exploits are so interesting that there is no end to our desires, especially when someone our hardworking scientist or aircraft does some work, on this day in 1968, friends Apollo 8 in the moon’s chamber. Completed his 10 rounds which was the most special moment of that time.
  • Friends, on this day in history, the names of some children also have some strong things, who has not heard the name of Disney Walt, the children get excited by their name. Friends, today was the premiere launch of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which later made Disney Walt stand out in front of the world as a very innovative and create filmmaker and after that his brand became his name in the world. became known.
  • Friends, on this day there are some historical special moments for India too, on this day Firoz Shah fought his pod fight against the British. This battle was the biggest battle of 1845 between the British and the Sikhs.


Although friends, something special happened every day in history, but this special and interesting thing happened on this day in different years in history.

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